About Ataway

Ataway was founded in France in 2000, and has been providing various consulting businesses such as supporting the transformation of global companies. Ataway Japan has been providing not only to support for technological change such as system deployment, but also to support how our client companies in Japan can adopt the change and use it as their own and expand it widely.


Ataway Japan newly joined Prosci global affiliate network in 2019, providing training programs and advisory services as the only provider of Prosci change management capability development program in Japan.


Please see our corporate website about Ataway.


About Prosci®

Founded in 1994, Prosci® is a global leader in change management and the provider of choice for 80% of Fortune 100 companies.

Prosci® combines scientific research with the people side of change to deliver results-focused solutions that enable clients to achieve change outcomes and grow organizational change capability. Prosci® maintains the world’s largest body of change management research—the basis for the company’s tools, methodologies, services, and role-based development programs. To date, Prosci® has certified over 75,000 change management practitioners worldwide. The company is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado.