Individual Training Programs

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned change practitioner, we have a training program for you.

Change begins at the individual level

Many successful company-wide change initiatives start small. With one or two key people bringing proven change management practices to the organization through rigorous training. Yet some organizations are ready to expand their change capabilities. Either way, Prosci has training programs to suit your unique organizational needs.

Prosci® Training Programs range from training individuals in change management to advancing the skills of change practitioners to equipping individuals in your organization. Whatever programs you choose, you’re building your skillset while helping your organization adapt to new changes, improve company culture, and achieve better project results.


Grow your change management skills to elevate your change management role within your organization and advance your career.


Apply a structured process and framework to organizational changes to manage change more effectively and drive better project results.


Help build change competency throughout your organization to improve company culture and business agility—and your organization’s bottom line.

Prosci® Individual Training Programs

Change Management Certification Program

An online, instructor-led, interactive, three-day learning experience where participants gain the knowledge, skills and tools to drive successful change initiatives. Participants learn how to apply Prosci®’s methodology to an existing project, network with other change leaders, and carry their training forward to improve organizational results.


Taking Charge of Change

In an online experiential format, this workshop delivers the fundamental concepts of change management and establishes how effective change management can benefit your organization.


Delivering Project Results Workshop

We help project managers and change leaders speak the same language. We teach them where and how to integrate project management and change management plans, and how to achieve their objectives and deliver on all of their must-win projects.


Leading Your Team Through Change

Managers are essential to instilling healthy change management habits in their employees. We help managers define their role in change and teach them how to be effective change leaders.


Participants' Voice

I am very satisfied with the contents of the course as a whole. Throughout the breakout session, participants were able to share their own experiences, which helped deepen our understanding of Change Management and gave us a concrete image of how to utilize it.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Takahiro HasegawaChange Management Certification Program (Virtual)

Although I participated in a virtual training for the first time, I felt more comfortable than I expected and was relieved to obtain my certification. I already practiced change management as a part of project management, but I was once again reminded of the influence of the human side on the success or failure of any project. In addition to the contents of the program and methodology, I also learned a lot from the opinions of the program participants.

PMI Consulting Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki HayakawaChange Management Certification Program (Virtual)

Despite being a virtual program, I enjoyed the course from the beginning to the end. In addition to the change management methodology, the training also gave me new ideas to hold Zoom conference calls. I would like to put what I have learned about change management into use, connecting it to results and spreading its use.

Consulting firm
ManagerChange Management Certification Program (Virtual)

Using 3 days to study Change Management was worth it and more meaningful than I expected. The lectures, group discussions based on actual situations, exercises and presentations were carried out in a well-balanced manner, and I feel that I have reached the level where I can put the ADKAR® and PCT models to practical use.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Hiroaki SoneChange Management Certification Program

I was able to get a clear understanding of the overall concept and importance of the change management framework. From now on, I want to practically apply my learnings combined with my experience to various situations. This was the most enjoyable training I have ever attended.

Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd.
Itsuki YamauraChange Management Certification Program

Since the training lasted 3 days, I was able to concentrate on learning the change management methodology in a logical manner. Hearing about the experiences of participants from other companies was also very effective in raising my understanding of change management.

Japan Business Systems, Inc.
Kenji ShiinaChange Management Certification Program