A There are no prerequisite skills. Our programs are especially valuable for those involved in projects and initiatives that drive change across teams or across the organization, and those interested in change management.

A Yes. All participants are required to stay at the designated venue during the program.



A You can chose to pay either by credit card, via PayPal or bank transfer.

A Please complete payment within 10 business days from the effective date mentioned in the Payment Instructions email you receive or 5 business days before the program starts, whichever comes earlier. Your spot will be secured once payment is received.

A Your registration will be canceled.


A If a program does not reach a minimum number of attendees, an accident, a strike, a riot of public transportation, or natural disasters, or if there are other circumstances that make it difficult to hold a program, we may be forced to cancel the program. In that case, the program fee will be fully refunded to your designated account or you can transfer your registration to another date.


A No. Filming or recording is not permitted during a program.

A We will not provide any materials used in a program nor refund the program fees.

A Our programs are intensive courses and designed for full-time attendance.For Certification Program, you may not be able to receive the certification if unable to attend the course in full.

Purchasing of books and e-tools

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