Advisory Services

Partner with our Ataway Prosci® Change Advisors to accelerate success on your must-win projects and build organizational change capability.

When you need a partner, Ataway Prosci® team is here to help

We become your trusted change management partner, sharing our resources and expertise through facilitated workshops, coaching, and customized consulting services. From helping you align resources and manage your change portfolio, to partnering with you to deploy change management on key projects and build capability, we’re here to help.

You get all the training, tools, methodology and support needed to succeed this time, next time, and every time on your must-win projects. And while advancing your organization’s overall change strategy for today, you’re building your enterprise change capability for tomorrow.

Several of our Advisory Services are also available virtually. Contact us to learn more.

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We partner with you to set realistic goals, steadily work toward them, and then measure the results. You accelerate success on high-priority projects while individuals thrive in times of change.


Our onsite and virtual coaching, plus engaged change management consultants partnering with your team, help you succeed and your organization build needed change capabilities.


We couple expert advice with full access to the widest body of change management research and tools in the world, equipping you and your organization with proven, best-practice strategies.

Ataway Prosci® Team's Advisory Services

Change Management Project Support

Benefit from hands-on coaching to apply Prosci®’s change management methodology to key projects and change initiatives.Change Management Project Support takes your project team through onsite workshops and virtual support including tailored project coaching to ensure you meet your expected outcomes.One of our expert advisors joins your team to help identify change management opportunities in your current projects, coach on the effective application of Prosci® methodologies, and build change competency for future initiatives.Intended for : Change sponsors and practitionersLength : Flexible


Change Management Consulting

Are you responsible for a must-win project that could benefit from Ataway Prosci® team’s hands-on change management expertise? Or maybe building change capability is a strategic initiative, and you want to ensure you’re leveraging the best practices and tools that will drive success.Through Ataway Prosci® team’s Change Management Consulting, our expert consultants work alongside your team to apply Prosci®’s industry-leading research, processes and tools to improve performance and accelerate your change success.Intended for : Senior leaders needing to accelerate change resultsLength : Flexible


Change Scorecard Workshop

Clarify what success looks like for your organization, and establish goals and timelines for your change. Collaborate on project calendars and benchmark reports for tracking and measuring the success of your change initiative. This facilitated workshop helps you define, track and deliver the expected results on large, complex projects. You will learn how to align your change initiatives with organizational success through a series of interactive discussions and hands-on applications, and by creating a change performance scorecard.Intended for : Change management teams, project sponsors, and project team membersLength : 1 to 2 days