Fundamentals of Change Management

1 day (No certification)


A one-day, hands-on educational program that provides the basic concepts of change management and the value that effective change management brings to your organization.Learn change management by applying the five tenets of change to real projects and actual change initiatives.

We welcome and encourage any individuals to attend Prosci®’s Change Management Certification Program.

You’ll find this program especially beneficial if you are involved in promoting change on a team or across an organization or if you simply have interest in change management.

Our most frequent attendees are:

・Senior leaders who are considering the introduction of change management in their organization・High potential leaders who want a deeper understanding of change management・Key stakeholder groups that are impacted by major organizational changes・Change Agents who want to understand the basic principles of change management・Project team exploring how change management should be applied to their project, etcThis workshop is not designed for change management practitioners and does not include any level of certification.

During this one-day experiential program, you will learn.

Learn about change management definitions and how they impact organizational outcomes.Understand the value of change management.Understand and be able to apply Prosci ADKAR® model.

Program Contents

What is Change Management?

- Creating a shared definition- Delivering results and outcomes

Tenet 1: We change for a reason

- Why change is needed and how to introduce it to your employees- Change as a process

Tenet 2: Organizational change requires individual change

- Individuals as the unit of change- Affected groups and aspects of job changes

Tenet 3: Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change

- Connecting individuals to organizational change- Elements of ROI in effective change

Tenet 4: Change management is a framework

- Diagnosis and assessment- Top contributors to success- Roles in change management- Resistance management

Tenet 5: We apply change management to realize the benefits of change

- Mobilizing adoption and usage Action items and next steps

Course Materials

- Program Workbook- Assessments and handouts (Analysis sheets, etc.)- Change Management: The People Side of Change