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アタウェイがプロサイのパートナープログラムに参加し、 日本でのチェンジマネジメントソリューション提供を開始

日本アタウェイ株式会社(英文表記:Ataway Japan K.K.)- Ataway Japan (以下、日本アタウェイ)は、 Prosci, Inc.のグローバルアフィリエイトネットワーク(GAN)に新たに加わり、Prosci®(以下、プロサイ)のチェンジマネジメント教育サービスを提供開始することをここに発表いたします。



  • 日本におけるプロサイ・チェンジマネジメント認定資格プログラム
  • クライアントごとに特化した能力開発プログラム
  • アドバイザリーサービス
  • オンサイト・トレーニングプログラム
  • エンタープライズライセンスの提供 など









また、日本アタウェイ株式会社 チェンジマネジメント&エデュケーションサービスリードである和田円香は、「日本アタウェイは、日本国内でチェンジマネジメントを推進することに情熱を持って取り組んでいます。」と語っています。「私たちは本事業の開始を決断するにあたり、チェンジマネジメントに関する調査分析を国内外マーケットを対象に行いました。その結果、プロサイのシンプルかつ効果の高いチェンジマネジメントサービスメニューと方法論は、日本のビジネス環境や顧客ニーズに最も合致するという結論に至りました。」









Ataway (July 22, 2019) is pleased to announce that Ataway Japan K.K., based in Tokyo, Japan, have become the newest member of the Prosci Global Affiliate Network (GAN) and will begin offering Prosci® services.

Services in Japan

  • Prosci Change Management Certification Program
  • Client-specific capability development programs
  • Advisory services
  • Onsite training program
  • Provision of Prosci enterprise licenses in Japan


Supporting the increasing need for change management in Japan

This new partnership will help individuals and organizations across Japan who are looking to achieve greater results by applying change management to their initiatives and projects.

Like many markets across the globe, Japan is in the midst of a significant transformation in the way that work is planned, managed and performed. This requires new ways of working and adaptations to processes, organizational models, systems and mindsets. Organizations in Japan, whether locally based or part of a large multinational corporation, have the same imperative in that they need people to successfully adopt new ways of working on a regular basis. Effectively managing how people adapt from the current way of working, through a transition and to the new way, is what change management is all about.


Why did Prosci and Ataway combine forces?

“We conducted extensive market research and potential partner evaluation before we established our partnership with Ataway,” says Mark Dorsett, EVP of Prosci’s Global Business “We look for partners that share our commitment to client success and our passion and understanding of the value of change management. Ataway demonstrated this and is enthusiastically looking forward to working together with Prosci to serve the needs of clients in Japan.”

“Ataway has been passionate about promoting change management in Japan,” recounts Madoka Wada, Head of Change Management and Education Services for Ataway Japan, “and after a comprehensive review of the market, it was clear that Prosci’s simple but powerful offering was best suited to meet the needs of our customers in Japan”.

Ataway is continuously working hand-in-hand with Prosci to bring a world-class suite of change management solutions to Japan and ensure its applicability to the Japan market. Please check out our website for more information: https://ataway-cm.jp/en/


About Ataway

Founded in 2000, Ataway has been helping organizations globally with their transformation projects. In Japan in particular, Ataway has assisted Japanese customers and multinationals, not only with the technological side of change but also with understanding how to adapt, embrace and use or deploy those changes to their Japanese audience.

About Prosci

Founded in 1994, Prosci is a global leader in change management and the partner of choice for 80% of Fortune 100 companies. The company enables clients to achieve change outcomes and grow organizational change capability through change management solutions based on holistic, research-based, easy-to-use tools, methodologies and services. To date, Prosci has certified over 65,000 change management practitioners worldwide.